Texas Has Kicked My Ass Oct 4, 2010


Yep. Apologies to all for the lack of posts. I’ve been down in Texas all weekend and last night was a real wrecker. As we were heading home, I hit a crack, the front wheel got stuck and I went over the bars. Originally I thought it was gravel or sand but we found out today it was a gnarly crack. Before you ask, I wasn’t wearing a helmet but even the doctor said that it wouldn’t have protected my cheek. That’s arguable and I feel like a jackass now. I’m usually always wearing my helmet but for some reason I wasn’t last night. My Nature Boy’s got dried blood all over it and I’m a mess.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back at it, posting photos I’ve taken while here and catching up on the internet’s offerings.

Ride safe guys!

  • M

    Your logo is in technicolor so why not your face !

    Glad your okay…ride safe.

  • Luke

    Dang Mang! On your new bike too!


  • whoa you got married in texas? congrats bro.

  • Richard Steez

    Face Taco! Hope you heal up soon and have a blast in Austin.

  • Tyler Johnson

    lookin tough, glad your okay though.

  • dontcoast

    Feel better soon. want some comfrey salve?

    oh, and take yo’ arnica!

  • Texas is giving an even bigger middle finger back at you.


  • Cody

    Don’t mess with Texas

  • ben

    are you road-trippin with the texas kids that are going to atl for the naccc/polo/trick weekend madness or just staying in austin?

  • Anthony Hernandez


  • Been enjoying your blog for awhile and wondered what you looked like. Wasn’t thinking I would find out this way. Received your cool stickers today. Feel better soon.

  • that’s rough man, glad it wasn’t anything more serious.

  • Ouch. Not funny. Feel better soon!

  • cj

    I like the “CLEARCOAT THE BLOOD” idea…

  • shit dude, heal up

  • Dima

    I agree with clearcoating the blood. Let’s do this democratically, take a poll.

  • Gener

    Ouch, that looks nasty. Helmets:Yeah a while back I got the notion they say: I going into battle, and I’m coming back
    alive. Hey, just come back in one piece guy.

  • tbone mendez

    Aj did say you’d be entering a world of pain….

  • kpow

    i liked the previous picture better. the close up.

    does trackosaurus live in your ass? just curious.

  • Get well soon, John W.