Quinton & Brandon Oct 19, 2010

The groms keep coming out. Let them rip if they want to! Nice riding guys.

  • aj austin

    its like watching the culture vultures all over again! nice riding guy, but your like 12, go get amazing at bmx while your bones are still made of rubber. i know thats what i’d being doing if i was your age

  • igonzo

    LOL what is the song?

  • Rhett

    HAHAHA, oh my god, when that kid is repairing his flat and the 15 is as big as his hand. So funny. Then he throws the wheel? Im sorry, who’s paying for this stuff? Grab some tire wrenches homie.

  • tyl16bts

    I cant wait- Nu Shooz or something like that :P it was in one of fonescas vids

  • Kyle

    he was trying to fix a dent in his rim and i know he shouldn’t have thrown it but he had already ordered some MTX’s for his birthday