Product Review: White Industries Urban Platform Pedal Oct 11, 2010


A few years back I had a set of Lyotard Course pedals on one of my track bikes. I never really knew what they were until I sold them on eBay. When I first saw the White Industries Urban Platform pedals, I was in love! Someone created a modern rendition of the classic French pedals! Then I saw the price-point. Sure, everyone pisses and moans when they see a hand-made in the US product’s high price tag. But there’s a reason most of the products made in the USA are so pricey: they’re the shit! White Industries makes superior products and their Urban Platform Pedals are a prime example. While at Interbike this year, I picked up a set from their booth for around wholesale (gotta love I-Bike for that reason alone).

I’ve been riding them around and I can assure you, these are the nicest metal pedals I’ve ever owned. Check out some more photos below.


I chose the black anodized finished over the silver. Partially because I knew they’d look awesome on the Nature Boy but also because I always see them in the silver finish.


The construction of these pedals are remarkably simple yet refined and classy. Piercing the machined platform is a tapered 17-4 stainless steel spindle spinning around sealed bearings which are serviceable.


Capping off the stainless spindle is this classy acorn nut. What a stellar detail.


Since the pedals don’t have traditional cages (read: metal plates with a kick-tab, not toe-clips), the kick-tab is incorporated into the platform. This was problematic with my Lyotard pedals, since I broke one tab off and it wasn’t replaceable. Hopefully these won’t do the same but from the looks of things, White Industries thickened the tab up and engraved USA on it. If it says USA it’s gotta be strong right?


What impresses me the most about these pedals are their weight and platform width. The pair weighs in at 309 grams! As you can see, they’re relatively thin and wide, allowing for many different options for shoes without compromising pedal strike when installed on a track bike. The pedals allow for double-straps as well as singles. Head over to White Industries to check out double-straps installation photos.

While I wouldn’t label these as a standard-issue pedal, I would file them under luxury items. You get what you pay for. Sure, you can find them online at various sources for +/- $200 but go to your LBS to order a pair! Next up on my wants list is one of their freewheels!

Thanks to White Industries for breathing a new life to a classic design. Keep machining those parts guys!

  • em_atx

    Best pedals ever, for real.

    Yeah, price point is high, but they will follow me with every track bike I ever own. Think about the amount you would spend otherwise on crappy pedals every 6 months or so.

    Plus, the flat platform lets me wear non-sensible girly for the first time in years.

  • Pedals look great John. Btw you mind snapping a couple of shots of your bike stable? Would love to see the collection that you have. Thanks!

  • I threw a set of HoldFast’s on mine and put ’em on a Johnny Cycles single-speed cx. At first, not so stoked, but once I got the HFs dialed it’s a bomber setup. Definitely gives the daily ride a bit more ‘wardrobe’ range w/o having ATACs to limit the shoe choices.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I am pumped to get mine. SILVER. They are going on the Sizemore track.

  • Jack

    I threw a set of HoldFast’s on mine

    How do they work with the Hold Fasts? I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing.

  • Óðinn
  • Deacon Patrick J.

    How have these WI Urban Pedals done for you long term? I’m considering them with either toe clips or HoldFast straps for fixed gear bikepacking and trails. At 85mm wide and 70ish long, they are a bit wider than MKS’s Urban. I have a wide forefoot, so that increased width may make a big difference.