Philly Needs a New Bike Rack Design Oct 7, 2010


Wow. Just wow. Luke just showed me this video on Bits and Bikes showing how easy it is to rip-off the new Philly bike racks. All I’ma say is watch it and that’s a big Philly Fail!

  • Dan

    I love the little kids reaction.

  • Mark

    They’re not just here Philly. Those racks have gone up in Baltimore, Miami, and Seattle too. Bicycling magazine did an article on the company that builds them just last month:

    Curious if it’s a design flaw and we’re all screwed, or if it’s just a shoddy job installing them by the streets department.

  • r2tj

    yo Salt Lake City has a few of those around and I’ve always been super sketched out by them, I am glad those aren’t the only racks we have! You’d think the city would actually test that out……

  • fuck me, we just got a bunch of those installed in ABQ a little while ago. good to know they’re worthless…

  • Mike

    Don’t even get me started with these. It’s a shame because the lady (can’t quite remember her name) in charge has good intentions, but is completely visually illiterate, and has no idea about proper security. I wish phila would just man up and hire a legitimate designer, and not just someone just in the local government who thinks there a designer.

  • Matt

    Oh dear… A similar thing happened in toronto, except it was published in the city wide newspaper. Describing how you could shear the bolts from one of the bike rack types with a 2×4. The day after the publication, one of my pals found a broken rack and a 2×4 where he had once left his pretty little ride.


  • ro

    we’ve managed to get solar powered compactor trash cans with attached recycling bins on every corner but somehow when the parking meters came down they were replaced with Fisher Price “My First Bike Rack”

  • rdrey

    Check out this article on Philebrity too. A system is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Here, that’s the stamped sheetmetal brackets, not your U lock.

  • Wade

    New York doesn’t have this problem. We just don’t have racks!!