Phil Wood: The Last Hub Standing (L.H.S.) Trick Hub Oct 28, 2010


Speaking of Phil Wood, If you were at Interbike, these should look familiar. While I was at the Phil Wood booth, they showed me their fixed freestyle hubset. At first I was impressed but then I held the thing and holy shit was it heavy. While I will commend Phil Wood for making a bomb-proof hub, I still think a 14mm axle is the way to go. It’d probably be a little lighter to boot.

Another downside is the bolt-on cog. The smallest you can go is 16t. That means your ratio is 42:16 if you’re riding freestyle. While it might be ok for spinning tricks, a lot of the riders now are on more compact ratios. If the hub was threaded, you could go 13t or 14t and bring it down to 36:14 or 32:13. Maybe they’ll change it? Damn is it every pretty though!

Seen at Brick Lane Bikes.

  • I would make the argument that having a bolt-on hub that won’t strip-itself-to-shit supersedes the need for a compact gear ratio. I think it’s more important the a bike get you home at the end of the day.

    I strip hubs like crazy. My next move is to a bolt on rear hub.

  • rodney

    dont worry someone is working on a bolt on that will allow you to go down to a 9 tooth…………soon !!!!!

  • eg

    sure it looks good, but man did they get it all wrong

  • another issue with the bolt on cog is standardization- i bet the only cogs compatible with the phil wood are straight up just the phil wood’s…

    as problematic as threaded hubs/cogs go, i’ll stick to that.

  • I have never in my life stripped a hub. You’re doing it wrong if you strip one! This is a fixed freestyle hub and a 16t doesn’t make sense. If it did, more people would be riding that. Almost everyone is using 36:something because the smaller sprockets are less likely to get banged up while riding…

  • Bailey

    i ride 28×13 gear ratio it is awesome

  • Thrasher

    I run 42-16t, most of my friends run 36-16t. What’s so bad about a 16t cog? People who worry too much about this should step out and ride a bike. My boy has been riding this hub for the past year or so, btw. It’s really a great hub.