Outlier: Refined Classic Merino Hoodie Oct 24, 2010


As I showed you a few weeks ago, the crew at Outlier refined their Classic Merino Hoodie a lot for the Fall 2010 season. New cuffs and leather cinches are just a few of the details that were added to this classic garment. These hoodies, along with the Keirin Cut Dungarees are now available at Outlier.

  • allender

    yeah for like $225! ill be weaing that in my dreams…

  • Bliss

    Damn, another awesome piece of clothing that I want and yet, still can’t afford.

    When will Outlier lower their standards and make something I can afford? (that isn’t a leather keychain)
    Or better yet, when will you be giving one of these away in a Contest? ;)

  • Soon…