Outlier: Liberated Wool Peacoat Oct 27, 2010

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Outlier‘s clothing line is exploding exponentially. Just now, the crew announced their Liberated Wool Peacoat. I saw this weeks ago and was way impressed with how nice it looked and felt. Like everything Outlier does, it’s engineered for cycling both in the fabric used and the cut.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“A classic wool peacoat re-engineered for a life of freedom. Traditional peacoat aesthetics combined with an innovative cut and a 2.5 layer wool softshell fabric to create a cool weather jacket fit for motion and comfort. Highly water and wind resistant yet super breathable with a four way stretch. Made in NYC of Swiss fabric. Available now.”

More information and photos are available at Outlier.

  • M

    Whoo… Bike is nice, but sexy boy is hot.


  • Gene

    Be honest now, do I look that cool on my fixie?
    Even a little?

  • ptu

    love the coat and the style of the guy, but honestly riding brakeless and clipless with these shoes (these might even have slippery leather soles) doesnt seem to be practical. i mean i am all for good styling and shit, but this is suicidal haha…

  • Carmel

    anyone knows what shoes the model is wearing?

  • Chris

    While it looks like a very nice peacoat and the materials are solid, you can’t charge $575 for it. Marc by Marc Jacobs, John Varvatos, All Saints, etc. charge that and they’re actual fashion design houses.
    I could see $300-$375, but hey, what do I know?

  • jp

    Holy shit spendy, but I’m assuming it’s made from fabric by Schoeller Textiles (based in Switzerland) and made in New York. This may explain the high cost.

  • bkaspr

    outlier is one of the most legit companies out there right now. grassroots, local, extremely well crafted, and abe and tyler are some of the nicest dudes i’ve ever met. $575 is more than worth it.