New York’s Costumed Bicycle Parade of 1896 Oct 26, 2010


Finding gems like this that took place in your city never gets old, especially with Halloween right around the corner. Here’s the back-story:

“It’s an event that sounds part Critical Mass–style ride on the newly elegant Upper West Side, part goofy Halloween costume party for the city’s emerging leisure class.

Thousands of riders decked out in costume cycled up to 108th Street, then turned on to Riverside Drive. From there they went to Claremont Avenue, back to Riverside, and down to 66th Street to finish.”

Via Ephemeral New York and thanks to Doug for sharing.

  • carl

    sorry for the necromancy here, but since you’re somewhat local, you should go back to wherever that picture was taken. have your picture taken in b&w, and then shop yourself into it. cute.

    anyways, dig the site man. long time reader. shredding the roads via single speed in KC, MO.