My Affinity 212 Loaded Down for the Philly Bike Expo Oct 28, 2010


With all this talk about the Philly Bike Expo, a few of us decided to ride our bikes to Philly. Rather than taking the shitty highways and service roads, we’re going off the beaten trail a bit. Initially I was planning on riding my Merckx but the thought of locking it up and throwing it on the Chinatown bus for the ride home made me cringe. Since I just got the Affinity 212 dialed in, I thought it’d make for a good ride.

Check out some more photos below.


This bag made all the difference. I wanted to be able to access my DSLR while we were riding and Ortlieb makes a kick-ass handlebar bag, the Ultimate 5 Classic. One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while.


Can’t forget the Pentabike Muststash.


Since there aren’t rack mounts or fender mounts on the 212, I used a saddle bag support brace and (2) 12′ long tie-downs to roll up my REload Flight Pack. It’s actually pretty efficient and stays out of the way. Our route will be about 100 miles, so not a big deal. Hopefully all will go well on the trip and I’ll have a few killer photos to show.

See you guys in Philly!

  • I loved having a handlebar bag for touring. I had a cheaper one, but just put it on CL and am going to buy the Ortlieb next time I need one. Waterproof and very sturdy, they are. Enjoy your ride!

  • Super psyched for you! Sounds like a good time but I do feel like you should be riding a Tarck Bike.

  • Durka Durk

    Can you post a route map later? or a rough approximation?

    I want to do this soon.

  • I’m stoked. As long as everything holds together. The route is fairly simple:

    (train to Newark from WTC Path)
    1. 27 from Newark to New Brunswick.
    2. Delaware Raritan Canal from New Brunswick to Trenton
    3. Calhoun Bridge
    4. DCNR to Bristol
    5. Bristol to Philly

    60+% off-road

    100+/- miles

  • tyler Johnson

    im diggin your set up and the amount of off road involved in this. wish i was doing it

  • Jeff

    Best of luck!

    I’d be interested in a route map also. I live in Philly and have often wondered about making the trip up to NYC by bike.

  • finn

    you never ride your bruiser anymore, i realize that its retarded to ride it for long distance but i’ve noticed this trend with all these dudes who have bike blogs, they just nerd out about fucking cyclecross now and ride there fucking roadbikes everwhere. what happened to doing gnarly shit?

  • I still ride my Bruiser sthilly and I sthill do trickery.

  • Nice setup. Its nice to have sick shit in your stable, but also a bike thats well rounded, yet you’ll ride it in any condition and toss it on the bus without feeling bad about it. Wish I was doing the ride!

  • parkbench

    did you get new wheels on the affinity?
    i like that prolly rides everything. it shows that he truly loves bikes and cycling and just plain riding.
    as for fixed, it seems like tricks have hit a wall. there’s only a limited bag of tricks you can do. so i don’t blame these bike bloggers for “moving on” and trying other forms of cycling.

  • Long distances can totally be done on the bruiser no problem, but a bike with gears will be way more fun. Distance fixed riding is a challenge, and can be fun at times, until you have a full day of riding uphill with gear and you swear to yourself you’ll never ride fixed again

  • snotrocket

    let us know how well all the handlebar bag hold up and the seat bag too. i want to do some longer rides but wasnt sure of how to carry things without panniers. this looks like a good idea to me

  • wish i had that handlebar bag for my trip.

    re you guys really into touring? because i’m a “tarck” guy like everyone else, but just got done with an XC ride.. you can scope this to read some…

  • finn

    parkbench, theres absolutely no limit to the tricks you can do on anything, the only limitation is how far your creativity will take you. if you think fixed riding has hit a wall maybe its because everyone is just trying to ride there bike like its a bmx bike.