Michael Chacon: Fixed Freestyle Teaser Oct 23, 2010

Damn Mike. What’s this a teaser for? A web edit? Solid.

  • sam

    damn. ive always wanted to ride that spot on wilshire

  • Jeff

    who does this kid think he is? a TEASER? dudes got style but nobody is THAT stoked on his riding that they need a teaser for a freakin’ edit.

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    Semantics aside [the word teaster], he looks like he could do 180 bars in his sleep.

  • Haven’t we seen this footage before?

  • shaeshdfeeshd

    @Jeff: yo fool if you stop talkin shit maybe youll get an answer.

    kid got a new computer and spent his night making a video on it, what the fuck have you done lately? lets see your vimeo feed.

  • kinder

    ^^ and that was mike, he probably talks like that at school and gets his ass beat all the time