Merckx Mondays Oct 11, 2010


If you’ve been to Austin, chances are you’ve been to Mellow Johnny‘s and seen Lance Armstrong’s two Eddy Merckx-built bicycles hanging by the cafe. I tried my hardest to get a ladder or a stool to stand on to photograph these bikes but the best I could do was stand on Eric Puckett’s back while I shot some images. These two bikes make for a sweet Merckx Mondays, so read on for more photos!


This is Armstrong’s 1995 Tour-winning Team Motorola Caloi.


If you remember the 1995 Tour. It was the race where Armstrong’s Italian teammate Fabio Casartelli died in the Pyrenees on a nasty decent.


To honor his death, Casartelli’s bike road on the roof of the Motorola team car all the way to the Champs-Élysées. What a year!


Next up is Lance’s 1993 Tour Eddy Merckx Motorola.


Other online articles have these two bikes reversed. Lance didn’t ride a Caloi in 1993, he was a legit Motorola team bike. This was the year Lance Armstrong won 10 one-day events and stage races. Impressive!


While the ’93 tour wasn’t as eventful as the ’95, the Motorola team did very well.


These two bikes hang in Mellow Johnny’s and are the prized-pieces of Lance’s collection. Sure, they may not be Treks but they mark a time in Lance’s career and in my opinion, the golden age of cycling.

Check back tomorrow for a Mellow Johnny’s shop check!

  • chris campbell

    My claim-to-fame is that the Merckx has my old Dura Ace FD on it to complete the build! At the time there was an awesome mech working there named Christian Hartwig who got the go ahead to rebuild these bikes period correct. All that was really missing from the Merckx was the front derailleur and I just happen to have one. Swapped for store credit, not too bad!

  • Randall

    ’95 was Indurain’s 5th victory. Lance only won the 18th stage.

  • Spencer

    It’s amazing how much the Tour bikes have changed from that point in his career to now.

  • Adam

    “This is Armstrong’s 1995 Tour-winning Team Motorola Caloi.”

    Lance didn’t win the Tour til ’99

  • If I’m not mistaken that actual Calio badged Merckx is a titanium Litespeed. You’ll notice it’s tig welded with no lugs. 1995 was around the time Merckx partnered with Litespeed to expand out of steel and aluminum. I’m lucky enough to own Sean Yate’s MX Leader “Caloi” from the same year. I’ve got it back to period all except wheels. It’s my daily ride….and it’s as comfy as a Cadillac Eldorado with worn shocks.
    Love your website…keep up the great work!

  • Rafael

    A bike shop in my town here in Brazil, has an attic full of caloi frames and parts from that era, track and road bikes made for caloi from different manufactures.

    I went there once I remember clearly seeing a Caloi Merckx time trial bike and a cinelli speciale corsa track frame painted with caloi’s blue color, it still has the original fork and stem.
    Everythi’s covered in very think layers of dust, pretty much forgotten there, its a real shame I tryed to buy that cinelli frame since its the only one that fits me but the owner wont sell.
    Wont sell, wont clean, wont restore, wont do shit… very sad.

    This is the bike shop’s website there may some contact info there… not sure if anyone there speaks english though.