Mash SF: Chas Oct 7, 2010

Solid riding from Mash SF-rider Chas. I love watching people pull traffic lines.

  • CltFxd

    Fuck yea always love seeing skitching off pickups.
    Dude can move for sure.

  • Minor Threat, Fuck yeah!

  • santiago

    finally videos worth watching…. even over and over. and minor threat ++++


    This continued idiocy will bring down the cops on us all. Brake and helmet laws are coming and this sort of bullshit riding will bring it sooner. Thanks for nothing morons.

  • cltfxd

    Bullshit riding? Fuck you man I can’t believe people think there opinions matter, and that is excellent riding dude does not hesitate and definitely seems to know what he is doing on a bike.
    Save your negativity for someone else.

  • kea


    it’s “their” and what makes you think your opinion matters. riding around like that is just plain stupid, especially when you’re not actually delivering anything.

  • cltfxed


    Thanks for the grammar lesson.
    I mean dude is the video is delivering, that’s why i don’t get the hate.