Kyoichi’s Black Market NSF Oct 26, 2010

Photo by Kyoichi Ozaki

This is awesome. I haven’t heard a peep from Kyoichi in what seems to be a year and then all of a sudden, this bad-ass Black Market NSF build pops up on his Flickr. I’m not sure if some of you remember 3Bancho or 100%Hardcore, both of Kyoichi’s other handles but this dude was one of the original Tokyo fixed freestylers. He, MKM and Fixika used to have the Japanese scene on lock. I guess that’s why I’m so stoked to see this. Goes to show you’re never “out of” fixed freestyle.

Check out more photos here at his Flickr!

  • Im stoked to see one of the godfathers of fgfs getting back onto the scene and making moves too with blk mkt? 2011 will be the year to see if fgfs will be more than a fad and cash cow for companies

  • hc100

    what up! thanks for the post, JP!

    yeah, i haven’t been keeping up with the
    trick scene, but have been riding my bike!

  • Harparo

    I emailed Blk Mrkt about the release date of this frame, which is supposedly in a few months. Is this frame a advance sample, or has the frame been released? If you know anything…