Instructables: Steal Some Air Bro Oct 27, 2010


I love seeing stuff like this. Instructables has a tutorial on how to steal air from a parked car’s tires to fill your bicycle’s tires up. Pretty clever, just don’t get caught and make sure you’ve got a presta adapter!

Don’t forget to read the comments too. This one cracked me up:

“Low tire pressure causes decreased efficiency. That Hummer will pollute more as a result of its lower tire pressure.”

Oh, the Internet.

  • It’s a nice idea but it won’t work due to the difference in tire pressure, unless you want less air in your bike tires.

  • HotCarl

    Here let me put on my $225 merino wool hoody, while i siphon some “free” air from some dudes car.
    Scientifically would this even work? Im guessing that if the car tire has a lower psi than your bike tire, you’re going to be filling up the car tire.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but this idea first came about via BMX where the PSI in the tires is lower..where this would work..

  • rob

    most decent bmx tyres run anywhere from 80-120psi, this was discussed a couple years back when empirebmx released one with aaron ross’ name on it.

  • Mike

    Huh, guys? I think this is considered as use for emergencies, not for actual efficiency…aka, when you need to get home after bustin’ a tube

  • Thrasher

    Aaron Ross made these and sold a few almost 3 years ago. The hose he used and the valves were of much better quality than this one.. THEY WORK.

  • Thrasher

    Shit, rob beat me to it.

  • As stated above, your tire will end up with the same pressure that’s in the car tire. Most car tires have only 30-40 psi in them. The only way to make this viable would be a heavy truck tire, that should usually have 60-80+ psi. If you’re going to carry something, why not a pump?

  • Kings County

    BMX Company ‘STANDARD BYKE Co’ had this item…hmm.. over 15 years ago. Many of the recent ‘innovations’ can be traced to BMX.

  • chris

    40 lbs in a tire that is 15 times wider then ur bike tire there is also how much weight on that tire? This does work.