Grey Beard Viking Stickers in Stock! Oct 26, 2010


These things just can’t stay in stock. No matter how many I order, they all sell out within hours. Good thing I stocked up proper for this round and in the winter “Frost Hammer” colorway.

Now, there’s an international order option. So if you’re outside of the United States, please select that drop-down menu. I’ll head to the post office once a week so bear with me if they take a few days extra to get to you. As always, if you spot me on the street, I’ll kick you a few!


*disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for lost mail and will only ship to a confirmed Paypal address!

  • JJ

    Just tried ordering and I’m getting the sold out message?


  • Tommetjuuh

    already gone???

  • Nicholas

    dude, already sold out AGAIN??

  • Kory in japan

    Only problem is that Paypal won’t let me select my address in Japan for you to ship to…

  • santiago

    yo prolly do you carry them around in person or at affinity? id live to grab a few ,

  • Damn. Sorry guys! I’ll re-up more next week. Right now I’ve gotta address hundreds of envelopes. I don’t wanna get ahead of myself!

  • david

    damn, when are you getting more of these? i want to order some!