Fixed Freestyle Scene Report: November 2007 Oct 18, 2010


I’ve been on a nostalgic trip lately. Mostly because my freestyle bike is outta commission (waiting on some parts). I started off going through some archives on my Blogger server and that led me to an old post on Brooklyn Machine Works‘ blog from November 2007. It’s a gif shot by god-knows-who for Cadence in 2007. It’s Tom doing a wall to fakie. At the time, people shit their pants both in anger and in awe.

I kinda like looking back at FGFS and seeing where it was and where it is. Hopefully this Fixed Freestyle Scene Report will be an ongoing thing. What do you think?

  • Jason

    what’s wrong with your bruiser?

  • jus sayin’

    i havent been following fgfs that long but this is pathetic. a simple bmx move and it doesnt show the end of the trick. your scene began from shit like this?

  • Dude. This is Tom:

    and this is Tom:

    and now he’s a professional stuntman (that’s him getting hit by the car):

    and he could show you a thing or two on his BMX. Bike control is bike control. Homie rips on any bike. Get over it. Post your shit when you’ve got it…

  • Jason, I tried to crimp the chainstays to fit a bigger tire and ended up going too far. I cracked one and it creaks. My bottom bracket is also pitted (so pitted) and my wheels need some love. I’m waiting for the new Bruiser to come out to start riding again.

  • Pretty sure Julius Reeves took these but maybe someone knows for sure.

  • HotCarl

    Freestyle on a track bike is like driving off road in a prius.

  • Coop

    Tom is hands down my favorite rider. He always goes big, and always seems to have a great attitude. I’ve never met him, but I’m pretty darn certain I’d like the guy, anyone who talks shit on him doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • wilis

    Julius and myself went to shoot and ride, summer 06′

  • Rui

    When are BMX dudes gonna just get over it? Most BMX freestyle moved early on were either inspired by or straight up copied from skaters, who copied their early shit from surfers.
    Instead of looking at it as ripping off or unispired mimicry, BMXer should take it as compliment that people are trying to do alot of this shit they do on different bikes.
    My gut feeling is that most BMXers that talk shit do so because they feel threatned. Seeing people do some of the “simple BMX moves” (which are probably the hardest trinks these shit talkers can do anyway) on a big wheel big with a fixed gear makes them feel stupid since they need things like little wheels, jammed seats and freecoasters and shit.

  • not surprised that the scene has progressed this far yet the haters are still exactly the same

  • Wilis for the win! Look at Makos lurking in the background. Prolly…did you ever ride with Makos?

  • jesse jambox

    im all about this new section of the site. This shows a time when dudes were riding cause they loved to ride and wanted to kick it with the homies. dont be worried about coming up or be obsessed with filming trying to grab sponsors. bikes dont owe anybody anything. 215

  • t-bone

    Prolly was still riding an IRO, being a hypebeast, and merely just a blogspot when Makos left Philly.

  • jesse jambox

    im all about this section of the site. This shows a time when dudes were riding cause they loved to ride and wanted to kick it with the homies. young bucks should’nt be worried about coming up or be so obsessed with filming and trying to grab sponsors. remember, bike riding will never owe anybody anything. 215

  • Julius Reeves III

    It’s real a bummer that I have to do this but Willis DID NOT TAKE ANY of those photos or sequences from 2007 with Tom, Jason or Mark Makos. I took all of them. Willis keeps passing my photos around as his own. Those were given to him via a CD i burned cuz he was supposedly starting a Track zine. This is not the first time that Willis has done this. I was told that he was using these same photos in a show in NYC. What a fucking ass hat. Stealing my shit as passing it off as his own. And now I’m sure Cadence has either paid him in some form for work that I did.

  • kristen

    Yes, Julius did in fact shoot that.

  • Word on the street is that Makos pulled it before Tom…is that true Tom?

  • wilis

    I did not shoot this give nor have I ever claimed I did.

  • dr. martin luther king jr.

    Arguing over who took a photo of a 16 y/o boy. Faggots.

  • rhett

    He’s 15. Get your facts strait.

  • jbensonfong

    Call me crazy, but from the angle on the palate sequence looks a lot like the angle that Julius is shooting from on the sidewalk in Willis’ pic. Soooo somehow Willis was taking 2 pix at the same time at the same place? Doubtful! How do I know? I was there that day as well. That was the day Julius almost broke his camera at City Hall when Tom accidentally manualed into him.