Fixed Freestyle Scene Report: Jason in Philly 2006 Oct 19, 2010

Photo by Wilis Johnson

This dialog sprung up in last night’s Fixed Freestyle Scene Report: November 2007 comments section. Turns out Tom’s 180 to fakie was Summer of 2006 in Philly. Around that same time, Jason was turning some pretty impressive freestyle moves on his Yamaguchi track bike. No handed wheelies. This is long before Keo or anyone on the West Coast was doing them. At that time in Philly, Jason was also doing roll-outs and ripping hard on his track bike. Back then, you had a lotta time to kill as a working messenger.

Solid. This has always been one of my favorite photos from Wilis. Check the rest out on Pursuit Magazine’s Flickr archives here. Blast you Tracko for sniping this shit from me!

  • aj austin

    man, i remember in ’07 when i first started riding i really really wanted that frame or the KHS with the curved seat tube. the sexiness of track frames is what got alot of us into riding. kinda why i wish gorilla would’ve survived.

  • orion

    Is that Jason H. from Ct.?

  • Alistair

    What headset is that?

  • “No handed wheelies. This is long before Keo or anyone on the West Coast was doing them.” im calling bullshit on that statement. I remember watching Keo back in 06′ doing that shit in Westlake Square. I was riding a schwinn conversion and the no handed wheelie was the coolest thing i’d ever seen.

  • Nsider

    Word is that Dustin had video of Jason doing this spin and wheelie moves and he showed keo. I was in Seattle at the time. Deception all over.

  • Julius Reeves III

    It’s real a bummer that I have to do this but Willis DID NOT TAKE ANY of those photos or sequences from 2007 with Tom, Jason or Mark Makos. I took all of them. Willis keeps passing my photos around as his own. Those were given to him via a CD i burned cuz he was supposedly starting a Track zine. This is not the first time that Willis has done this. I was told that he was using these same photos in a show in NYC. What a fucking ass hat. Stealing my shit as passing it off as his own. And now I’m sure Cadence has either paid him in some form for work that I did.

  • wilis

    Not the case Julius. Remember when you and I followed Jason around walnut square and rode with Tom and I had my camera?! All the photos on my flickr are photos I’ve taken. I would never use any photos of yours. Call or email me to further discuss.

  • Makos.

    just reaffirming julius, i lived it. all was shot by big j. reeves the three.

  • wilis
    See you are in the backround…
    That sequence for Cadence was not shot by me nor did I ever claim it was.
    That photo of Jason was shot by me, we were there together shooting at the same time.

  • Wilis

    Plus look at the camera credit on the photo, I was shooting with a rebel that I borrowed from a friend. You were shooting with a much nicer camera.

    They are mine, I did not steal any of your photos. Plus yours turned out better anyways.

  • God dammit. I emailed both of you. Until this shit gets cleared up, I’m taking photo credit off…

  • creep

    yah Jay was doing all the shit back in early days. weird spin wheelies and crazy shit. used to blow my mind. must have been 2005 or so at some alleycat when i saw it.

  • Who has the raw file?

  • Wilis

    Didn’t get the email John.
    Bryan I shot jpeg and uploaded them to my flickr as I did not own my own computer at that time, along with the rest from when I was using that Rebel.
    The nacccs in sf and the bike portrait project.

  • So the EXIF data shows that all those photos, the bicycle portraits, the photos of Jason, everything from Philly was shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel with a serial number 1160404251.

    Since Wilis’ photo of Tom with Julius in the photo ( also has this SN, it’s safe to say that Wilis took this.

    There. I’m done with this! You guys deal with it.

    Also, I hope the next round of Fixed Freestyle Scene Report doesn’t have this much controversy.

  • you got a wourkout on that one…

  • SHEP

    It’s so funny how ya’ll write about “back in the day” as 2006 or so. Dudes, that was yesterday as far as I’m concerned.

  • illadelph

    2005 jason was doing this shit around city hall with josh before any non-mess kids were doing it.

  • moon dog

    yup jason from ct. rapid courier doing wheelies and other weird shit while on the job. up there with marks tricks on the job trying to keep the day interesting on a slow day. oh wait, its been slow for the past couple of years.

  • @ aj austin : Oh yeah, that KHS is pure sexiness. I finally managed to finish a build with one:

    A lot of things to improve there, but you know, not that easy to put your hands on track stuff down here in far Brazil.

    Regrading the post: Macaframa / Mash like FGFS is the only I actually like. It´s specific tricks and done on track frames, and not the main point (which was going FAST).

    The whole FGFS “scene” these days is much more some “wannabe-BMX-but-limited-by-wheels-and-drivetrain” thing. But, to each its own! I´m sure guys havin fun and that what matters.

  • Onn

    I am a vagabond that needs recognition to cement my place in the scene. Please honor my intellectual property as there is a vast marketplace in which I can peddle my wares. I can’t find a job so I keep inventing them for myself.

  • jason

    ha….. this is a pic of me ….. i started doing all this “freestyle” stuff b4 monster track 2 josh and i, they called us the Hartford carnies .. that’s how i remember it