DVS Shoes: KeoRock Milan CT-C Oct 27, 2010


Another pair of shoes that came in my package from DVS are the KeoRock Milan CT-C mids. With jean weather here, I like to keep my ankles supported and warm, that’s why I was stoked to get a set of these in the mail. Even though I’m usually an “all black sneaker” guy, the colorway is really nice in person.

Check out some more photos below.




The soles are the same as the standard Cadence Milan CT-Cs and the extra padding around the ankles and tongue feels great in freestyle straps or clips. Thanks again DVS!

Be on the look out for these shortly!

  • JonL

    These look kinda nice. There was a time when all I wore were brown/burnt orange/tan colorway skate shoes. A few years ago, this colorway was in abundance, and these kicks take me back to that time period.

  • Caveman

    Nice pair of shoes

  • nick

    did your cadence milans seperate at all? it looks like the white rubber is separating from the sole on mine, and im reluctant to get another pair….

    i wonder if these will do the same thing