DVS Shoes: Keirin Pack Oct 27, 2010


DVS is really stepping their cycling-themed sneaker collection up in the forthcoming months. Yesterday I received a couple pairs of sample sneakers and included in the box were the popular Keirin Pack. Available in a variety of colors, these shoes have bold numbers printed on the tongues representing the Keirin racer’s helmets.

Check out some more photos below.


The construction is on-par with DVS’ entire line of sneakers. The cotton outer is accented nicely by the printed numbering.


The low-profile silhouette makes for an ideal riding sneaker.


Mix and match them if you want or just wear them in matching colors. I’m really feeling these colors and I can’t wait to let my blue jeans dye the white pair all to hell. I think these are my three favorite from the pack. The others are well, a little too much for me.

  • Where/ when can I buy?

  • jordan

    cool idea and cool look but they look extremely similar to another model they make (can’t remember the name, sorry) and the sole wouldn’t last against track type pedals. whats it gonna take for a company that makes cycling sneakers to add a shank of leather or fiberglass/plastic across the ball area or even from the ball to the front??? work boots like redwing have been made with shanks in them forever and are comfortable as all hell. some companies need to stop making their shoes “all show and no go”
    don’t say, buy chromes or go clipless because i’ve tried both and for me its easier to stick with authentics or the sambas for comfort and ease of enter/exiting cages and just live with sore balls (i mean feet).
    you got the power, make it happen prolly

  • somebadideas

    No way am I swapping these in for my DZRs, which feel like shoes made by a shoe designer and a cyclist (as the couple behind them happen to be). I’ve had mine about four weeks now and think they’re amazing. Those look like skate shoes, which doesn’t surprise me. Maybe Jared Leto will get the lime green ones though.

  • Just Scotchgard the white ones before you wear em brother. Takes a while to really dry but it’ll keep em from getting died. They still get nice and grimey though which is tight.

  • 510

    So which pair will you be donating to the Washington State Bloggers Relief Fund?

  • ptu

    if they are cut kinda like vans’ authentics and not like chunky skate-sneakers, I would really want to get a pair of these. love the idea and the look, plus the flashy colors are amazing!

  • Butch Ramirez

    Just wanted to give you guys a head’s up. These shoes look like skate shoes because they come from a skate company. These shoes are designed to be cycling friendly and do have a shank/stiffner in them unlike Authentics or Sambas. But unlike the Chrome shoe the shank goes the entire length of the footbed, Chrome’s start behind the ball of the foot for flexibility which defeats the purpose. The outsoles are also made with high abrasion rubber so they don’t wear out as fast as normal rubber on skate shoes. They’ve been tested by fixie riders and BMXers who ride breakless and the wear is significantly slower. The production shoes will be even stiffer than the samples as we’ve improved the design after the samples were made. The functionality is there, you just have to try them out. I know because I’m the designer behind them and developed them as well as all the Cadence shoes. If you have questions e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll give you the lowdown.

  • jake boseker