Dodici Cicli: Fixed Gear Church Burners Jersey Oct 28, 2010


Dodici has something new to cover your back while you ride. The Dodici Cicli Fixed Gear Church Burners graphic is looking especially evil on a jersey! Be on the look out soon and check out more offerings from Dodici here.

  • Andy

    Hokay, don’t know if this is a “negative” comment or not but can somebody tell me why is there so much satanic imagery in the fixed gear scene? Did LaVey peddle a nagasawa? I live in a small town and as far as I know I have the only fixed gear bike around, so if I’m missing something….anyway, no axe to grind just curious.

  • Al

    More detail pics in the Dodici online store:

    Gotta rep this!
    Summer kit goin on my secret Santa list!
    Gettin the Wind Jacket right now!

  • Rafael

    Wow, thanks for posting this, thats an awesome jersey just bought one.
    Listening to some black metal to celebrate.

  • Tom Mosher

    This represents fixed gears horribly I will go about my pussy ways and complain about yet another thing involving fixed gears. I am the one and only Tom Mosher, come to canada for autographs…thank you.