Copy Collection: DJ Mull Oct 7, 2010

A new company called Copy Collection supports DJ Mull and put out this edit featuring the San Diego-based rider.

  • 8pmhangover

    sick riding and awesome spots, but you gotta stop and ask, why ride it fixed anymore?

  • DJ Mull

    for the love of the sport man,
    bmx is key but for me fixed gear bikes are just another way to express yourself,and as any bmx rider knows it is extremely easy to pick up a fixed gear,transfer over some tricks,have a good time,meet some amazing people and(save the best for last)travel,fixed gear has opened a lot of doors and provided a lot of opportunity for me to just have a great time with bikes,and if that great time ever stops,that’s when i will stop riding fixed,but as for now,its fun,people in the scene are chill,so im chillin out for as long as possible.

    i hope this answers your question, or in the words of “ed wonka”
    “one man movin machine”…

    DJ Mull