Christian for Superb Bicycle Oct 21, 2010

Photo by Jesse Weiner

Superb sponsors Christian, a local fixed freestyle rider. Christian leads the Thursday Trick Nights at the shop which are every Thursday night at Superb at 7pm. Make sure you swing through and hang with the crew! Nice photo Jesse!

  • Superb needs a regular shop ride.

    Does anybody know a decent shop with a decent shop ride in Boston?

  • Ken

    I usually go every thrusday to trick nights. Definitely recommend it. We don’t bite!

  • Hey Adam there are a bunch of nightly group rides setup on Boston Fixed but if you would like to start one with our shop stop by and we can chat about it. The more rides the better.

  • scott

    trick nights are not exactly the same as a ride.

    cheers to christian for the nod