Brenton Salo: Tyler Johnson and His Sizemore Oct 10, 2010

Photo by Brenton Salo

Awww. What’s the matter buddy? Why are you so sad? You’ve got one sick Sizemore track bike there and some nice Zipps. Cheer up Tyler. It’s ok! Playful heckling aside, Brenton Salo continues his series of riders and their bikes. This time he included Tyler’s face because well, he’s a model and stuff.

  • eric

    H+son rim with Zipp decals? Check the logo by the valve stem. Still a nice build.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Front is zipp 440 tubular to dura ace. Rear is Hplusson Formation to Profile.

    The sticker by the valve is the zipp sticker of excellence, BRO.

  • I miss my Zipps… :-(

  • Tyler Johnson

    I love the sound they make on rough streets. like wooooooooooOOOSh. I am lacing the front up to my profile front track hub this week..

  • Edward

    What bars are those? They look amazingly comfortable.

  • Tyler Johnson

    The bar/stem is the Cinelli Integralter. They are old, but I have heard rumors of Cinelli possibly re-releasing them