Bmore Fixed: Sam’s New Cyclone Oct 21, 2010


Sam from Bmore Fixed got hooked up with an Affinity Cyclone recently. Jason was trying to get some local guys on the bike but since there’s only like 5 people in NYC who ride fixed freestyle, he asked Jeremiah from Hold Fast if there were any Bmore kids who’d be down. Sam’s one of the nicest dudes and he’s loving the Cyclone. Big ups to Affinity, Hold Fast and Bmore Fixed!

  • Dave

    Sam rules. Other companies should have jumped on this dude a long time ago.

  • bkaspr

    the question is, can sam break it?

  • Affinity needs some Left Coast riders.

  • HotCarl

    Awesome job with the crank!!

  • chi

    Dude, how about someone hook a poor kid from the south up with a fsfg frame before I break anymore components on my zulu :/

  • We’ll have a video based contest coming soon… we’re looking to hook up some riders! The frames are pretty much sold out (a few a avail in each size) but a new batch is on the way by the end of November.

    Sam’s the man, he’ll be putting the Cyclone to the test!

  • Rhett

    Sam destroys. When he came to Milwaukee a couple times last year he was surprising me the whole time with crazy shit.

  • classy

    good looking rider, on a good looking bike!

  • Ron

    I’m from nyc! Where’s mine haha. I broke my fbm sword a long time ago and couldn’t really get going. I cracked the toptube and my diy crimped chainstays and havnt been on fixed since. I sold the parts and left the frame at a dumpster at a burger king but couldn’t come up with the funds. I’ve just been riding my bmx but want to ride fixed again as well for that different feel

  • bummer about your sword! Keep checking the Affinity and Prollys blog soon for the Video contest! If you’ve got the goods then we’ve got the frame for you!