Blog Introduction: Cycle EXIF Oct 23, 2010


The guys from Cycle EXIF hit me up a few months back when they started up the blog and I thought I’d wait a bit to do a proper Blog Introduction. Now their site is literally filled with Beautiful Bicycles and some slightly gaudy ones to offer up a healthy dose of contrast. Case in point is this Montante Maserati. I am still on the fence on how I feel about this bike. It might just be too much? Disk brakes on a track bike with all that red pantography? I dunno. What do you think?

  • dontcoast

    my first reaction is eeeeeww.

    but i think it would be reall nice without a disk brake or the red ano’d CR bolts

    or that saddle angle!

  • dontcoast

    especially between the other gorgeous blog posts (indyfabXphilwood and that killer fastboy dinglespeed) that maserati looks truly garish

  • yea seriously, that fast boy is GORGEOUS, holy crap.

  • Ian

    Horrid. Lose the red chain and disc brake and it’d be alright.

  • matt

    like previously said, lose some of the red it has and the disk brake, and it would be solid!

  • shane

    get that disc brake gone!

  • That disc will rip that crown to pieces. Look at the moment arm created…that is a dangerous bicycle.

  • cleb

    you’re all wrong.
    the problem with this bike is that the front doesn’t match the back.
    swap out the fork for something curvy, and THEN stress about the rest.

  • norby

    Speaking of weird disk brakes and Fastboys go check out the crazy seatless fixie trials bike thingy? on the FASTBOY BIKES gallery. WTF????????