Bicycle Store: Playground Oct 11, 2010

Edits for days! The Bicycle Store crew hanging out in an abandoned warehouse. Reminds me of that Chris Akrigg Brakeless edit from a while back.

  • Wow, this is pretty awesome. I’m impressed at the effort to get the bikes in there.

    As easy as it is to make fun of hipsters for all being in uniform, complete with the mandatory dirty beard, sleeve tattoos and PBR, it’s good to see people coming together with bikes to just ride.

    When I raced BMX, there were the kids who tried so hard to look dirty and have crappy bikes. They covered the bikes their parents bought them with duct tape and spray paint and threw them around. And there were the rest of us who bought our gear, kept it pristine and rode until we broke parts (ourselves or the bikes).

    And we can’t forget the group who (gasp!) would “street ride” ride around town, go dirt jumping and other riding on their “race bike.”

    I first thought the fixed freestyle thing was a bunch of lame hipsters until I saw a YouTube video of some guys in Kyoto or Tokyo tearing up the city. That blew me away …

  • Cooooooool