Bens Cycle: Custom Phil Wood Wheelset Oct 28, 2010


The guys at Bens Cycle recently put together one sick wheelset for a customer. Here are the details:

“Talk about fully custom! We got Phil Wood to make a custom tandem hubset for a customer. 40H 145mm disc rear with the ‘special’ flange that they used on their limited edition track hubs, just slightly smaller in diameter. Front much the same without the disc rotor mount.”

Drool, even if it is for a tandem!

  • s

    Pure, utter beauty.
    I want a 135mm version for my tourer, sans disc mount.
    Is there a symmetrical dish at 145mm?

  • s~
    These hubs couldn’t be described any better.
    It is symmetrical on this 145 rear wheel.
    Let us know when you decide to get a set going; we’ll try and make it happen for you.