Beautiful Bicycle: Natalie’s Kazane Track Oct 11, 2010


After I showed a photo of Natalie from Fast Folk‘s (@FastFolks) Kazane track bike in the Shop Visit entry, I got a few emails asking for a bike-check. When I say a few, I mean about a dozen or so. What can I say? People like seeing nice track bikes. Last Friday I set up Natalie’s bike and took a few photos of it. There’s nothing nicer than a clean and sensibly-built track bike. Especially when it gets ridden distances.

Check out some more photos below!


Natalie rides this bike every day to work. Prior to opening the shop, she’ll put in 40+ miles in the Austin heat. What better way to stay hydrated then to use the Profile Design “butt rockets”.


Fizik bar tape covers her track drops properly.


A KMC chain and an Orange 20 sticker!


The view from the cockpit.


A well-used women’s saddle.


Reppin’ Fast Folks on the head badge.


Sugino and All-City crankset.


Phil Wood‘s the hub of choice at Fast Folks.


I always loved the Kazane track ends.


This bike is mean!


What a stellar build. I love seeing how different people set their bikes up. Natalie’s has a ton of attitude without being too gaudy or flashy. Fast and functional and being held up by the fluid of life for Texans: Lone Star. Thanks for letting me molest your bike Natalie!

Swing through Fast Folks anytime if you’re in Austin!

Shop Visit: Catch Up With the Fast Folks

  • Riley

    Sweet bike! I still think traditional downtube/seattube water bottles look better and make more sense but to each their own

    • Riley, you’ve obviously never kicked a bottle out of your hand while trying to put it back in the cage. She’s got it right, trust me.

  • Russell

    @Riley except when your frame isn’t drilled for cages.