Animal Bikes: Kotulak Multi Tool Oct 13, 2010

I caught this last week and blanked on posting it up. As fixed freestyle bikes become more and more like BMX bikes, things like this become applicable to the 26″ fixed and 700c riders. The Animal Kotulak multi-tool has everything you need to assemble your BMX and FGFS ride. Sturdy, slim and functional. Grab one now at your LBS or soon at Animal’s online store. Solid design from Animal. Now I don’t wanna be riding with any of you kids only to have you ask me if I have a socket wrench when you get a flat!

  • alex

    thats a lot of potential for lost bits!

  • Andrew Paskievich

    I made my own:

    15 mm wrench
    4/16 key
    two tire leavers
    multi tool with all the usual metric stuff
    C02 cartridge inflator
    pump for after the cartridge fucks up
    700 x 35×47 tube
    tire boots
    and that fixy trixy mixy what ever tool by Pedros

    then I wrap it all up with a bunch of elastic bands and put in in a plastic bag.
    sooner or later yours or someone else’s bike is out of sorts and you are a hero!!

  • prettyboy

    That’s fucking cool! The peg socket could be trimmed down to a bar and a semi deep socket,no? They could make the small parts magnetic, maybe. Perhaps you wouldn’t be able to get the hex key parts out.

  • Big Mike

    Hate to say it because this thing is kind of a bite, but I’d take this over the DK Random Wrench because of the chain tool and the 8mm.