Airbone: Supernova Minipump Oct 26, 2010


I was just browsing Tokyo Fixed Gear when I came across these Airbone Supernova pumps. Has anyone ever used one? I’m content with my Topeak Morph G pump but the size and weight of these are legit. Here’s the description from TFG:

“Airbone is a company making quality, finely crafted and good looking bike pumps and accessories. Featuring nice innovative touches, these are the most well made bike pumps we’ve come across.

Just 9.9 cm long, weighing only 59 grammes and with a capacity of more than 100 psi/7bar, the innovative Supernova Pump is an extremely small and compact air pump. Alongside a choice of several colours in modern metallic tones, the key features of this high-performance and easy-to-use pump are the new operating method and its effort saving characteristics.”

I still think if I buy a new pump, it’s gonna be a Lezyne!

  • Edward Scoble

    I have one.

    I’ll tell you this, it work extraordinary well, wasn’t exactly diffcuilt to push it near 100psi which is plentiful, the compact design what won it for me being able to fit everything in a little pouch that I’ve duct-taped to the underside of my saddle for emergency (tyre lever, spare inner tube, patch, glue and a single allen key).

    Price alao help too being a mere £15 for a very compact pump that work.