A Saturday in Austin Oct 25, 2010


I was back in Austin this past weekend (don’t ask) and spent a large portion of the time I was there getting more familiar with the city and its offerings. While it’s a huge change of pace from NYC, Austin’s got a lot going for it. Originally, these photos were going to be A Day in 10 Photos entry but I decided to just upload them all to my Flickr and let you guys peek into my Saturday in Austin. I shot more photos in 35mm and will be putting them up tomorrow. Till then, enjoy.

  • um

    damn you hot

  • Chris

    why were you back in austin?

  • chris campbell


  • That dude on the black leader in the blue hat is me. If you look real close those are your straps around my feet. The other guy is my buddy Max Rasor. If i had known you were around i woulda smoked you out and partied. I was all like “wha” when i saw this. Small fucking planet.

  • DUDE! NO FUCKING WAY! Random as hell!

    I was telling my friend “The only track bikes I saw on S. Congress that day were hauling ass down the big hill”

    She replied: “I bet they read your blog”

  • birds

    the ATX birds are chirpin that you have an interest

  • aj austin

    you wont.

  • Corey

    @Jackson do you know how to get ahold of max? I run into him randomly at parties and around Austin.

    @Proll since you have been spending time in Austin have you checked out dropout zine?

  • Yep. I got burgers with them when I was there at the beginning of the month. Solid peeps.

  • @Corey, he recently lost his phone and hes movin back to Dallas at the end of the month, so facebook might be it for direct contact. If you have a specific message email me and i can pass it along. Otherwise keep an eye out this week for him tearin around town.