A Little Flip of a Classic Logo Oct 26, 2010


This is something that I’ve been trying to dial in to my best ability for a few weeks now. The classic Eddy Merckx “EM” logo flipped to PINP, for Prolly is not Probably. I’ve wanted to do a vinyl-cut sticker or a decal and the Viking logo doesn’t quit work. There have been a few variations, one of which disengaged the “n” and deleted the “i” but in the end, I think I like this one the best. I’m not a graphic designer, but I think it came out pretty good. What do you guys think?

  • SeanBrian

    looks dope, are you going for smaller frame sized stickers or like window sticker size?

  • Milky

    diggin it

  • Chase

    I agree with you. Taking out the I would weaken it. plus it looks like a fork.

  • small enough to fit on a head badge, etc. Should be able to whip them out in various colors quickly too.

  • Fresh.

  • Looks good. You should make glasses like the NYE ones.

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    classy. honestly i’d rather slap one of these on my bike than the viking.

  • I will see you in court.

  • Harry

    Woah! Hope thats a joke..

  • Unless Eddy is in LA, It’s a joke.

  • tofu

    Is it too late to add it onto your jersey?

  • codar

    great job dude… simple but effective

  • steve

    I’d buy a bunch of these in a heartbeat. You should make different sizes available so I can get a big one on my car and a smaller one on my top tube. Maybe even make a curved version so I can slap one on my rim.

  • just thought it looked a bit like ‘pmp’
    how about using not equals symbol?…

  • Not bad.

  • Way better!

  • Hank

    The ‘not equals’ sign one reminds me of cranks. thumbs up

  • I’ma mess with it some. I like the ≠ but I wanna incorporate them into the P’s.


  • Gordon

    Wow, the ≠ one is dope. I think I like the extra colors, too. Actually, I didn’t realize it was a ≠ sign at first, I though is was an ‘I’ that also was part of a sideways ‘n’.

  • Brandon geppi

    I go to art school and i feel like the logo is fresh, very clean and the logo reads easily, not making the viewer question what Prolly’s site might be about. the logo is not nearly close enoughto Eddy Merckx for it to be logo infringement of any sort. You did a good job and i would totally buy it as a sticker or on a product.

  • I do like the logo, and the commenter’s improvement (?) of the addition of the ‘does not equal’ sign. One thought, from a photography perspective, though: Have the bike riding east instead of west. In the western hemisphere, people are used to seeing things moving from left to right and not vice versa. For example, if you saw a photo of a baseball pitcher throwing from the right hand side of the frame to the left, it would look stranger than from left to right. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!