A Girl and Her Bike: Ericka and Her Leader Oct 12, 2010


There were a lotta ladies who ride in Austin. All of which had outrageous personalities and awesome outlooks on life. One of those ladies is Ericka. She can heckle with the best of them and has a mouth as sassy as her bike. I met Ericka one night at Dirty Bills after the ladies-only ride. She’s part of the Fast Folks family and should be approached with caution! (just kidding).

Check out more photos of her on her purple Leader below.


Who says you can’t be steezy with a brake?


Purple and green.


White Phil Wood and white spokes to Velocity Deep V’s on a purple Leader frame. Outrageous!


Ericka shows the world how she rolls in Austin. Beer in hand! Thanks Ericka! See you again soon!

  • H8rade

    Yo, hate to pick nits but if fast folks built this bike somebody needs to teach them that shimming an interrupter lever on risers = ur doin it wrong. This isn’t 2007, custom phil + deep V wheels don’t excuse getting basic stuff like that wrong.

    Also, my captcha has a 666 in it so clearly I’m evil.

  • Sam

    That, sir, is a Schlitz. Perfectly acceptable by any Texans standards

  • logan

    looks like a schlitz to me

  • Jason

    H8rade my shop shims them all the time. It’s fine. You’re just being a douche-nozzle. Xpt that implies that you actually touch pussy.

  • H8rade

    I’m not saying it won’t work, I’m just saying that it’s jacked up and it’s not like there aren’t about 1000 BMX levers out there you could use that would actually work correctly without an electrical tape mod. I mean this is clearly a custom-built bike, getting all the aesthetics right but munging a functional detail just seems a little bit nu-Fred.

    Jason, you going to tell us what shop that is so that we can all come kick down our cash to have work done that is “fine” instead of “right”?

  • GUYS. Chill the fuck out. Thanks for the note on the beer. The Schlitz was a curve-ball after all the Lone Star.

  • Jason

    doesn’t look like electrical tape to me it looks like a shim. your splitting hairs. give it up and get back to wrenching.

  • Kim F.

    What are you two talking about? All I see is a foxy lady and her bike.

  • H8rade

    Oh it’s all good, this is the internet, me and this guy are probably friends IRL.

  • H8rade and Jason are now spooning on the couch.

  • Carl Lucas

    I like the purple on green. She’s pretty too.

  • Nick S.

    gotta love a girl and her 725. those tiger print veeps are outrageous.

  • prettyboy

    Slime Green and Deep Purple go so well together. She looks pretty happy with it, which is all that matters.

  • Team Neal

    its a shim. i put it on there. its correct.

  • Confused

    I know I am a new comer to the whole trend and fad of biking. before, i just biked not realizing it was actually stylish. I guess maybe I appreciate the style and look of “vintage” bikes, but this bike is god awful disgusting. The girl is hot, but has no damn sense of taste. there I said it. I know you love purple prolly, but this is just not a tasteful way to use the color.

  • Douchenozzle

    Doesn’t look like tape. Looks like a cut out from a tube….

  • Jeremy

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with using electrical tape or a shim. Won’t it still work? What is the big deal? I am new to bike snobbery. Plz explane