A Day in 10 Photos: 10.08.2010 Oct 10, 2010


Friday was my last day in Austin. I spent the morning hitting some more shops and shooting various ladies’ bikes (more on that later). One of the highlights of the day was catching up with the AC Hell crew. These guys rode from Dallas to Austin on their bikes to attend Austin City Limits. They arrived on their noble steeds, many of which were fixed, just as Fast Folks was shutting down for the day. Beers were had, farmer’s tans were bragged about and many tacos were consumed.

Check out nine more photos below.


Shortly after the support cars showed up, the riders began to appear in the sunset.


One by one they trickled in.


And celebrated their victorious travels.


With a raised fist, they chanted “TIME FOR BEER!”.


Team Party Time in full effect! I got some detailed shots of that kit which I’ll post up tomorrow.


This one’s ON SOME SHIT with shouts to Adam22.


This stoker-Steamroller was my favorite bike out of the pack.


Texas colors.


As the sun set, I took off to get dinner as the guys recouped their calories and carbs. Much respect to the riders and the support cars. Hope you guys have a safe trip back!

  • Holy shit. I forgot how much I love Texas. (Texas mutha fucka thats where i stay). You should prollllllly move here.

  • Susan

    Hell yeah! I drove support on this ride and these guys are the shit for realz! Two days of riding like outlaws and drinking and partying like rock stars! Special shout out to Alicia and Nate who put this most awesome ride together! Tvern is right, you should prollllly move here!

  • I’ll be there for most the winter and NAHBS. Stoked.

  • Nate

    Great riders. Great support. I didn’t even know it was you, Prolly, till about 2 hours after the fact. Thans for tossing this up. We did a ride for SXSW last year, and will probably bee doing one this year too. Hope to see you down there again.

  • So cool to see the jerseys in group photos. Great photos too. Any chance I can post some of them in my site (with link, of course)?
    Man, that’s a long ride…

  • ATAC

    Support crew? For a 2 day ride? For what? Can’t fix your own flats? Something gonna break on your toys? You did end up getting on prolly’s blog, so I guess all the circle jerking and shit was worth it. Your sponsors must be mega stoked, for what I don’t know, but at least you made it. Not that it’s a challenging ride, but you finished, unlike some other fixed gear rider/bloggers.

    PS Nice kit fatass.

  • Quinna

    Personally, I had a shit load of fun being a part of this ride. Fun is all that matters.