2011 Surly Steamroller Oct 19, 2010


My Surly Steamroller was one of my favorite bikes. It fit fatter tires (up to 38c), was designed around a taller axle-to-crown and took quite the beating. Unfortunately, mine didn’t hold up so well to the test of time when it came to fixed freestyle. But that’s not what the Steamroller is about. For the first time, Surly is now offering it as a complete with a rather cushy urban build. No more road drops and 23c tires! The 2011 Steamroller is a whole new beast. Mustache bars, front brake and cushy tires.

Also, it’s finally available in black. Thank god! Check out more details at Surly.

  • That bike is a beauty, I was thinking the same thing about it being available in black! : )

  • Rob

    I’d actually be interested in the Steamroller, but I can’t figure out why they keep selling a “fixed” bike with a BB drop of 70mm. I have a bike with roughly that already and while I don’t pedal strike (yet…) I drag my clips all the time in turns. What am I missing?

  • Its been available in black!

  • Yeah, been selling and building black steamrollers all year long. (PS that was my idea, just ask Eric Sovern, haha)
    Still my favorite bike after all these years, I am interested to see how the public reacts to the tires and bars. I have swapped out so many drops on these bikes, now people are going to want them back…

  • Noah

    you know, i gotta say, if surly had thought out it’s urban build better, they would have finally included some fender mounts. it’s being used as an urban bike, why not include fender mounts? rack mounts would be nice too, but it might be too much.

  • well dammit, I never saw a black one before I-Bike this year! Guess that’s why I have bike shop owners as friends, to put me in line when I mess up.


  • I ride a complete “Creamroller” and I love it. I also have a ’09 Volpe and the thing just gathers dust. HOWEVER, not sure I like the choices with this “urban build” such as the 30c tires and 44T chainring. I feel like 25c is ideal for “urban” riding and then, for your sorry suckers on the East Coast (used to be me), you can always throw on fatty studded tires in the winter. Also, black is boring.

    @Noah You can easily add fenders to a Steamroller. Just check out some builds on Flickr. I believe Velo Orange sells the necessary clips for like $5.

  • vik

    bars are the new surly ‘open bar’ .. not quite a traditional moustache bar.

  • ryank

    ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! http://bit.ly/dkY7uX

  • My steamroller is great, I have had some issues with weak paint but other than that it has been my daily rider, my pick up racer, and general get away. Love it