2011 Schwinn Madison Fixed Gears Oct 12, 2010


Trust me, it gets a little better. A reader sent me this and jokingly asked what I thought of the bike. At first, I was going to post it and pick on it a little. Then I saw this…


Hey, I said a little better. Schwinn’s new 2011 Madison is getting there. I like the red version better than the purple and gold. In fact, when I first saw the red color, I thought it was a Specialized Langster. Can’t go wrong with a single-color, all-silver build. But still, someone needs to help Schwinn out.

I’d be all for a nicely-lugged Paramount re-issue. Stick to the classics, not the trends.

  • Andrew

    The weird thing is that the previous few year’s Madisons haven’t been too bad…

  • ben

    level out that TT, add some box rims and we’re in business.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, I actually liked last year’s Madison.

  • H8rade

    Holy short reach stem, batman. Probably fine for the bullhorns, but that’s a little weird looking on the red one. At least they went for a traditional bent fork, the old ones just looked weird with retro graphics and that weird bareknuckle-looking straight blade fork.

  • Lowell

    The purple wouldn’t be too bad if it had the all the components the red does.

  • hair_boxers

    You missed your lugged Paramount re-issue. They did it a couple years ago as 70th anniversary frames. Nice stuff. Probably won’t ever see one again. Schwinn appears to be headed away from racing toward fashion and fun.

  • Sean


    I think they’ve decided to put their real energy behind the Sprint.

  • Skillet

    I have a 2010 sprint. Reynolds 853 and true track geometry. I’ve changed out a few parts and plan to change out some more. But I love it. Especially since I got it $150 below retail price.

  • newman

    has anyone looked at the geometry page? i never seen anything like it…
    you want a paramount, get a waterford. want a schwinn get a gunnar!

  • ian

    They were doing well there this last year or two…