WRAHW Welcomes Mike Schmitt Sep 27, 2010

Torey officially welcomed Mike to his blood fam with this new video. You know me, I hate pegs on fixed gears but Mike’s putting them to creative use. Digging it!

Also check out a new Grime ad featuring Wonka below.

Photo by Mike Schmitt

This ad is promoting the new Grime video Hunkyboys. Be on the look out!

  • i try to be bmx

  • resil

    i thought mike was on grime?

  • that guy’s guy

    you mean cuz i cant bmx and get sponsors i ride fixed with little wheels. lol

  • Kieran

    This shit is WACK yo! Get a BMX!

  • aj austin

    i may not like pegs or 26′ wheel but that was pretty creative and that pedal grind was big. well done mike!

  • yeah

    spelled WRAHW

  • Brody

    whao, pretty fresh lil edit there bud!

  • last grind looked pegless. sick