Wolf Drawn: No Bikes! Sep 20, 2010

Matt Spencer‘s videos are looking so nice. He’s using the 7D with a f1.4 35mm lens and he’s using it well! This video with Congo is filled with great lines. I love watching this dude ride!

  • Mikkay

    I live right next to this park. Fun local ride:) we used to have a legit quarter pipe set up there, now its just thrashed hahahah

  • tom “yer mad” mosher

    your making the fixed gear world look bad guys. We need to respect all rules and set a good example, if it says no bikes then dont ride them there! you guys are just dicks.

    look out for one of a kind Tom Mosher “Cry Moar” straps coming out soon.

  • luke

    the dude shreds.
    im a big fan of his riding, but does he really need the glasses for eye problems?
    clear ray bans is so .

  • I never said respect all rules, I just discouraged being a total shitbag. And it’s “you’re”, geez.

    Prolly – I thought you filter out the moron comments?

    Congo rules!

  • Congo

    Thanks guys!
    Yeah That are my real glasses. Iv been wearing contacts for a while but I went blind in my right eye for like 2 weeks so I started wearing glasses again

  • b

    Hahaha Congo definitely needs those glasses. Those shits are like a foot thick.

  • sjdfbc

    if you know congo, you know his eye sight is real bad, hus lenses are legitimately almost a half inch think. lol.

  • @luke He is pretty much blind without his glasses.

  • gario

    nice vid! and what’s the name of the song??

  • Larry the Hobbit

    Why not just slap a fixed hub on a bmx bike?

  • Yep.

    +1 to Larry’s comment

  • Hot Carl

    Why not just ride a bmx bike? This shite is painful as hell to watch. It looks beyond ugly, no style, no flow.

  • Sean

    ^This guy.

    When are people ever going to stop saying that?

  • Yep

    When you guys start moving faster than what is really just a slow, creeping, shuffling trackstand. Sorry! Not trying to bash anyone, but the sport needs to progress a lot more before it becomes more exciting than watching grass grow

  • Hamsun

    Hot Carl’s got – looks awful.