Wolf Drawn: BFF Photos Sep 6, 2010

Photo by Matt Spencer

Matt Spencer‘s all beat up. With numerous injuries cascading one after the other he decided to put down the bike for a little bit and pick up the camera. Some of his recent photos were from the LA BFF street party. Check out Boothby, Joe and others killing it on the LAB ramps. Looks like a blast! Bummed I couldn’t make it out.

  • joe mckeag

    thanks for the great shots Matt, and thanks for the post John, shortly after this I broke my collar bone and am not able to ride for at least 12 weeks if no surgery.

  • Blade

    Damn, Joe deff is good, he’s going to goo places!

  • thanks for the post up!

    and numerous injuries??? o.0

    this is my only real one in like a year from riding bikes!

  • lieutenant roscoe, newark attf

    whats with fgfs and bowlegged xups.. you’re disgracing the trick. pinch them knees son

  • From your twitter I got the impression you were all kinda torn up! My bad

  • ya that was just one fall!