W-Base / Durcus One: European Distribution Now Available Sep 29, 2010


Finally! For those who were always asking “where can I buy a Durcus One frameset outside Japan?”, I’ve got your answer. Traffic BMX out of Germany is now carrying the W-Base / Durcus One frames. Hit them up for ordering! Why on earth aren’t there higher res images of this frameset? I’m tired of having to botch photoshop collages!

  • i take it the black bolt is the seat clamp? looking good!

  • Mike

    I think I saw a Durcus at Keirin? Not sure, maybe it was something else?

  • Yes, that was a Durcus! Only a medium size though, in black!
    Next batch in March!
    W-Base is throwing donw some stuff for our 18th annula Hallowe’en Race here in Berlin, http://www.keirinberlin.de/2010/09/21/18th-annual-berlin-halloween-race

    See you!

  • John: Merry Sales, the San Francisco-based parts distributor, is landing a small order of W-Base goods next week. And YES there will be Stylin’ frames and Do-A-Trick forks and an array of their soft goods.

  • Stan i’ve been hearing this from Merry Sales for over 3 months now. I hope it really does come through because we have been trying to cop these for the whole summer now!

  • Norman

    Phil if you guys can cop a black and gold one ill definitely be getting one from you