Viking Sticker Re Up Sep 12, 2010

Photo by Kevin Sparrow

With hundreds of stickers already out there, I just got a new shipment in stock. The new batch is identical to the old batch but cost me half as much to make. That being said, the Viking stickers are now $1 each. Feel free to pick up as many as you want!

SOLD OUT AGAIN Thanks again guys!

Many thanks Kevin Sparrow for the clever photo!

  • usheen

    can i buy them even though Im not in america?

  • working out the details for that…

  • misha

    just try to purchase some but it said they are not available… :((

  • Yeah, I sold my allotment for this run. I need to save the rest for Interbike. Grey beard stickers coming shortly!

  • damn this shit sells out fast, I couldn’t even find my wallet fast enough.

  • dang prolly! sold out with in an hour and a half! up the sticker count so you dont sell out soo quick lol you obviously know you can sell em!

  • Ive got like 5 prolly stickers for sale on ebay right now. $5 a pop or $50 for 5. ready set…….


  • aj austin

    peru handed them out, got my on the forks! ginger beards 5 life

  • ArenL

    The Prolly brand is blowing up. I foresee a whole line of cycling related clothing.

  • nathan

    i ordered these right when this batch dropped but i havent gotten em yet. is that normal

  • nkahn

    i ordered mine right when this batch dropped but it hasnt come yet. have they been shipped yet?

  • Sorry man, I’m getting them out tomorrow. Hand-lettering all these envelopes takes time and I’d rather dump them all off at once. Apologies!

  • nkahn

    its totally cool yo i just wanted to make sure mine wasn’t lost in the bustle.