Viking Hold Fast FRS Contest Winners Sep 29, 2010

Artwork by Jackson Armstrong

Talk about a tough decision. I think this is hands down the most successful contest I’ve ever thrown! We all saw Jackson Armstrong’s process video for his entry and everyone kept asking to see the final image. Well, here it is, in all its glory. The shear detail of this piece is mind-numbing! I can’t imaging the effort and time that went into it.

Jackson, you win 1st place which includes a set of Viking Hold Fast FRS straps, some stickers and a Viking New Era when they come in. Also included in your winning entry is a month of free exposure with a link to your portfolio site at the top of my sidebar. In addition, I’m going to try to work out a shirt deal with Jackson for this graphic! I’ll wear the hell out of it if everything goes as planned!

Read on below to see who won 2nd and 3rd.

Artwork by Kyle Sauter

Kyle’s hand-drawn rendition of the Viking landed him 2nd place. He wins a set of Viking Hold Fast FRS, some stickers and two weeks on the top of the sidebar.

Photo by Will Baker

Will Baker’s Necronomicog landed a place in my heart the first time I saw it. At 3rd place it’s perfect for that 300×250 slot. Will gets the opened set of Viking Hold Fast FRS (Hey, I had to open them to take the photos) and a week at the top of the sidebar.

Now guys, I know you all spent a ton of time on this contest and I appreciate all the effort that went into your designs. I am blown away that this was received with such enthusiasm. I got over 50 entries in the week that the contest was up. Thank you so much! Once I get the time, I’m planning on making a collage of all the logos. Should be up soon…

Winners, please email me your addresses and many thanks to Hold Fast!

Jackson Armstrong: Viking Hold Fast FRS Illustration
Another Viking Hold Fast FRS Contest Contender: Necronomicog Viking
Contest Reminder: Viking Hold Fast FRS
Prolly is not Probably Contest: Viking Hold Fast FRS

  • d.patrick1a

    You should do one post with all the entries so we can see them all in one place.

  • Those are awesome! Congrats to the winners!

  • keith

    I agree with no-spec. I generally think that “design contests” are exploiting designers for spec work. This one however is a far cry from say a large corporation doing the same thing. The big difference is the fact that the amount of exposure received by Jackson. This contest will do nothing but benefit his artistic career, which in turn is worth the time spent on the illustration. Not only that, but a high level of exposure in a field he finds interesting. Good job, man. Hopefully companies will get the idea to offer jobs to this guy rather than take on the idea that “design contest” would be a good cheap way to get a logo (end rant).

  • Awesome work by Jackson Armstrong! Loved the video you posted to show all the work that goes into it.

  • good job guys.

    i really thought mine would atleast place.

    maybe someone agrees with me?

  • AR

    Matt, it was all up to mista prolly’s opinion lolz

    anyways, the logo is S I C K!

  • ryank

    Congratulations Guys! Those Logos are Epic!

    Btw did Will (3rd Place) misspell ‘Probably’?

  • Saco

    I would buy a shirt with that logo! Would be great if you would sell them

  • Kelly C

    Sorry Matt P, I totally agree with the top three. At least from seeing theirs, yours, and even now Chris Piascik’s entry. Keep it up, though, yours was good!

  • thanks kelly, i put alot o’ time into it.

  • Only thing i´m missin on the winner logo is the broken horn… but i’d buy the tee anyway!

  • Tsar

    Does anyone know what program Jackson Armstrong used to create his entry?