Urban Velo: Bianchi Super Pista Interbike Preview Sep 16, 2010


Urban Velo‘s a fan of Bianchi’s Super Pista. A few weeks ago, they compared it to the original Concept and now, Bianchi gave them an exclusive look at their Interbike model. Not bad! Anyone else think it looks like the OG Vigorelli paint though?

Read up more at Urban Velo.

Urban Velo: Bianchi Super Pista and Pista Concept Compared

  • IMHO, They’re going backwards.

  • hors

    +1 on the Vigo-looking scheme.
    Although I wish they kept the clearances tighter on these, I hope they don’t end up like ’10 725tr Leaders.

  • Tighten the rear up and perk up the front. Needs 1-.5 degree increase in the HTA.

  • Gordon

    IMO, that’s fucking hot.

  • chuck

    oh no….

  • jb

    i thought it was a vigorelli at first

  • ew. thats not a bianchi color scheme in the least bit. stick with celeste.

  • santiago


  • ahh Cinelli Vigorelli still the best!

  • Lowell


    if i saw that from a distance i would assume it was a vigorelli. bianchi should stick to their classic colors i hope this is not the only color pc they will release.

  • Harry

    Pretty weak parts spec for Interbike if you ask me.

  • :(