Two Tone ATL: NYC Visit Photos Sep 2, 2010

Photo by Jon #Budhound Woodroof

It’s not often that people take photos of me while I’m riding. Usually I’m the one behind the lens. Last weekend Jon from Atlanta, aka Two Tone ATL, came into town to hang out and race the NY States at Kissena. Like all guests, I tried to show him a good time and from the looks of his Flickr set, he had a great time! Check the full set out here!

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  • DAMN! You are fast! Thanks for the hospitality. You’re welcome in the ATL anytime brother!

  • Lian

    Amazing set of photos, rock on.

  • budhound bros 4 lyfe.

  • EzPz

    Feelin the gumwalls on the Merckx

    those Corima Cougars are beastly!