Two Tone ATL: Keirin Culture Shop Visit Sep 8, 2010


Jon from Two Tone ATL visited Keirin Culture in Roanoke, Virginia and took some awesome photos, including this Ghibli Rossin. Look at how the decal won’t stick to the tube! So nice. Head on over to Two Tone ATL to check out the full scoop.

  • sprinkle

    Keirin Culture’s shop in Roanoke is awesome. And stratton is pretty cool too.

  • chris

    Full C Record (or so it appears) on that frame for a grand seems pretty damn good…

  • Stratton IS the man! Swoop that bike, its a KILLER deal! Thanks for the nod John!

  • chris campbell

    It’s gone…

  • Phil G.

    Wow that ghibli is nice. What a sick deal