Tracko: Last Re-up of the Ride Hills Tee Sep 30, 2010


This classic shirt is now an endangered species. After this last run, Tracko‘s not planning on reprinting them ever again. What I’m saying is, swoop now or forever hold your peace.

  • mike ley

    Didn’t joy division rip off supreme when they did this tee first?

  • lololol

    LOL @ mike ley
    who deserves the credit? clearly joy division ripped it first

  • Already got mine long ago! Still one of my favorite shirts!

  • TJ

    Not as good as my Joy Division oven gloves. Perfectly insulated for riding brakeless during those cold, winter sessions.

    (Source: Half Man Half Biscuit, “Joy Division Oven Gloves”)

  • arg

    smalls and xs only wtf?!? tracko hates fatties.

  • Dom

    Yeh i just said the exact same thing over at zlog. Just a rip off of peter saville. really un creative. Shame as i like the blog and probably would of bought a shirt.