Tracko Answers: Mafac! Sep 16, 2010

Photo by Kyle Kelley

Some say you can’t polish a turd unless it’s French. Others find beauty in the pédale and over at Tracko, he poses a question: “if the A (in Mafac) was suppose to be a break bridge…does anyone know?”.

Well, does anyone know? Digging this back and forth Tracko and I have been having. Even if he hates my shoes! Don’t worry man, if I would have designed some, they woulda been a lot different!

The Best French Component?

Fyxomatosis: Silver and Gold


    WEEE OOO WEEE OOOO. The trackosaurus guy makes you look like Harold Bloom Could someone please teach him the past tense of “use” and “suppose” so his blog doesn’t sound like it was written by an alligator wrestler. “Use to”…”Suppose to” somewhere a 3rd grade English teacher just died.

  • Half Shark Alligator Half Man! HOLLA!