Torey’s Rooftop Drop Sep 7, 2010


Yeah yeah yeah, I know I know, it’s been done 1000 times on a BMX but still. Rick Andreson shot a photo of Torey doing a pretty gnarly rooftop drop (I’m assuming in Milwaukee?). He must have hit this while he was at the All City Championship in Minneapolis. Pretty crazy! I hope there’s video!

Via Heavy Pedal

Edit: Rick just sent me the full-res, uncropped photo. You can check that out below.

Photo by Rick Anderson

Damn. That’s big! Nice one Torey! Thanks for the email Rick.

  • HELL YEAH! This is fucking awesome

  • TT

    The photo leaked out some how and someone made this weird cropped thing. The actual photo is for a VAGX ad. Glad your stoked eitherway, though.

  • Harris

    I’m thinking Arby’s

  • Justin

    I have this feeling that a lot is in the works with Torey.

  • Noah

    YO! i was there. He hit this in the Culver’s parking lot after we ate. And it was some where between Milwaukee and Minnesota not sure where though

  • ken

    nice…I bet your wrists hate you.