Three Years Ago in September Sep 13, 2010

Photo by Em Allen

Three years ago, this is how I was spending my September nights. I still can’t believe I rode this bike. If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s Wilis‘ current track bike. The seat tube was too short for me but the top tube was about right. You’ll do anything to fit on a gorgeous frame.

Check the rest of the photos from this night out here on my Flickr.

  • Wilis

    Crazy what a difference 3 years makes man.
    Thanks again for a really great deal!

  • wallingsworth

    you passed on a beautiful bike son.

  • That was way too small for me. I ride a 58cm or a 60cm and this was a 56cm. Hence the seat post sticking way out.

  • santiago

    Is that the Marionni? .. oooofff!!!! nice

    haha 3 years ago i had the 725 leader blue when they had nicer welds