Specialized: Wheel Talk Fixed Freestyle Video Sep 24, 2010

Al from Specialized took the opportunity to walk you guys through this video showcasing the forthcoming Wheel Talk 26″ fixed bike. Check it out and don’t forget to look at my photos from yesterday!

Interbike 2010: Specialized’s Fixed Freestyle Frameset

  • adam

    Al is the nicest dude. He used to work at a shop in my town before making the switch, he deserves to be doing better things then getting yelled at by a crazy old man (the owner of the shop I believe) all day long.

  • Ryan p.

    Go Al!

    i miss that nose.

  • AJ Austin

    secret training compound, hahahahahahaha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn0hcpyGuac

  • joseph

    When approx. will this be available? ile be the first to buy one.lol

  • this is awesome. i’ve known al for about 5 years, miss him now that he’s moved out to morgan hill. but he is the nicest, most knowledgeable person about bikes i’ve ever met. he taught me alot when i first started riding fixed, and about everything else about bikes in general. glad hes moving on up, making bikes and doing what he loves.